International Master in Plant Sciences


Plant Sciences (PS) is a two-year international Masters degree open to all students with a suitable undergraduate degree (B.Sc. or equivalent) in biology(1).

Students follow first semester (S1) courses at either the University of Lille, France or the University of Bonn, Germany. At Lille, S1 courses are taught in French (2) (20 ECTs) and English (10 ECTs). Four modules are common with the S1 Master ‘Biologie & Santé’). Two modules (Current and Scientific English, Laboratory Projects) are taught in English and will prepare students for the second semester (S2) at the University of Bonn (possibility of Erasmus grants) where course work will be taught in English.

The third semester (S3) will take place at Lille where all students will participate actively in a series of workshops involving conferences by specialists and round tables. All subjects are taught in English. During the fourth semester (S4) students undertake a 6-month research project (including written thesis andoral presentation) in a research laboratory in France, Germany or elsewhere. Erasmus grants and accomodation facilities are available for foreign students.

(1) Entry requirement: undergraduate degree (B.Sc. or equivalent) in biology, admission on dossier and supporting letter. (2) Course documentation and evaluation in English on request


University for ERASMUS semester, M1 summer semester (obligatory):

  1. Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms Univsersität Bonn (Germany)

Examples of Universities for the training period S4/ M2 summer semester (facultative):

  1. Bonn University (Germany)

  2. Free University of Bruxelles (Belgium)

  3. Guelph University (Canada)

  4. Umea University (Sweden)

• G Lippman center (Luxembourg)

Lille1 International Label: The ‘international label’ can be added to the M.Sc. under certain conditions

Ph.D. and Employment

Ph.D. thesis:

Plant Sciences M.Sc. graduates can apply to doctoral schools to continue their training.

Ph.D. school ED 446: Biologié-Santé (Lille1)

  1. French and international Ph.D. schools

Topic areas:

  1. Chemistry, Biochemistry

  2. Natural sciences, Biology

  3. Life Sciences


•  Engineers, lab and platform mangers in different domains (fundamental and applied plant research – plant breeding and improvement,stressresistanceand phytopathology,agro-industries(food, materials, neutraceutics).

  1. Research scientists in international public or private laboratories, Assistant professor (after Ph.D. degree ).


This 2-year, international M.Sc. program offers a wide selection of modules in Plant Biology. The main objective is to train young scientists for future careers in plant biology research in either public (e.g. university, CNRS, INRA) or private laboratories, in France or other countries. Graduates of the Plant Sciences M.Sc. can either postulate directly for various posts (engineer, lab manager), or alternatively pursue their training at the Ph.D. level.

Key generic competences:

Scientific investigation and research skills; Capacity to analyse and synthesise data; Information management skills (ability to retrieve and critically analyse information from different sources); Use of scientific data banks, and applications.

Specific competences:

Comprehensive knowledge in different areas of both fundamental and applied Plant Sciences. Ability to define, determine and implement appropriate research strategies to answer different biological questions. Ability to analyze and interpret experimental data and propose future research directions.


Studies Director:

Dr AS Blervacq

Jury Director:

Pr S Hawkins

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